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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 09:30

The Prenup

Myleen Class wishes she had asked her husband for a prenup. She had to pay him a reported £1.8m. Duncan Bannatyne wishes he had asked his wife for one too. Prenups are a very wise move if you have money you want to protect. It doesn't have to be £millions, it can be your life savings that mean a lot to you. It isn't very romantic but there has to be a business side to love sadly these days. Traditional views that marriage lasts forever are not backed up by the stats with 42% of 1st marriages in the UK…
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 18:34

Name Changes

An adult can choose to change their own name at any time, but may need the help of a change of name deed to provide proof to official agencies.If parents are not in agreement about changing names of children after divorce then the parent seeking to change the name will need to bring the issue to court for determination.The case of Re W* came before the Court of Appeal this summer, to determine whether the court had been right to order that a 1 year old child’s name should be changed to add an additional middle name, that of his…

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