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Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership gives gay and lesbian couples the same legal rights as their married heterosexual counterparts – and so requires formal legal proceedings when the
relationship breaks down, to end the legal agreement between the couple.

To do this, one of the parties must file a petition with the court, requesting civil partnership dissolution. This is a process very similar to the divorce process.

To get dissolution, you must have been in a civil partnership for more than one year. The Applicant will begin the process with a petition proving that the civil partnership has irretrievably broken down.

It then follows the same procedure as a divorce, typically taking between four and six months to complete.

It may be that there will also be finances to consider and there are no set rules regarding how the assets should be divided.

There will often be a range of possible solutions to dividing the assets in your relationship and It may be that you can come to an amicable agreement with your ex partner. If you do, this can be incorporated into a legal binding agreement (called a Consent Order).

The factors that the court may take into account include the age of the parties, the length of the relationship, jointly and individually held assets (including property), your income and pension provisions.

We are able to offer a dissolution of a civil partnership on a fixed fee basis.

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