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Cost of Divorce

At your initial meeting I will discuss with you whether it is possible to conduct your divorce on a fixed fee basis.

If you initiate the divorce then you will be known as the Petitioner.  I will prepare all of the paperwork for you from start to finish.  I will charge a fixed fee of £500 (no VAT) plus court fees (currently £410) to issue the Petition and £45 for the Decree Absolute).

If you are the Respondent in the divorce and you agree to the Petition then we can offer a fixed fee of £250 (no VAT) which includes all paperwork. If your divorce is contested (i.e. you or your spouse do not agree to the proceedings) then we will be able to give you an estimate of the costs involved at your initial meeting.

Related matters - it is unusual for a case to only involve divorce proceedings.  In most marriages there are other issues to resolve such as the family home, shares, savings, debts and so on.  In a marriage where there are children there may be issues surrounding where the children will live and contact arrangements with the other parent. If you require any assistance with these related matters then please look at our sections on finances and children matters

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