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Living Together Agreement - Costs

Living together agreement

We are able to offer this as a fixed fee of £600. This is upon the basis that you agreed the general nature of what you would like to happen if your relationship ends.

This includes attendance upon you to take your instructions, writing to you with a client care letter and letter of advice, obtaining the information we need to be able to draft the agreement, telling you of the issues you may wish to consider, drafting the agreement, sending the agreement to your partner for their signature, obtaining your signature to the agreement and providing you with the original.

We make an allowance (in addition to the drafting) of 2 hours for discussions and advice for you. This is normally perfectly adequate but in the event that the matter becomes protracted then we reserve the right to charge you a time basis. However, we would not do this before discussing the same with you.

We are also able to offer pre-nuptial agreement on the same basis as above for a fixed fee of £600.

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